Sunday, 5 October 2008

enough events... BACK TO THE WATCHES :)

i did a short post on my fave watches in early may 08 which u can find here... and as tastes change and as i advance on my journey in this passion, there have been a few changes here and there... so an update on my favorite timepieces 6 months on... (in no particular order)

mb&f hm1 RG... this piece grew on me... at first i thought fugly and when i saw pieces on display, i wasn't jazzed by them initially... finding out more about mb&f and seeing it n the metal and putting it on my wrist changed things somewhat... this is an amazingly solid piece... cant wait to see the mb&f hm3

ulysse nardin freak 1 ... just an amazing watch and achievement when it first came out... and reasonably priced in the S$60k+ range pre-owned, so go acquire it if u have a budget in that range... this is an fantastic mobile art piece... some minor issues with the freak 1's movement initially though...

opus V... my favorite opus... its interesting to note that the most beautiful watch that frei and baumgartner did is not one under their urwerk label... but a harry winston :)

vianney halter antiqua RG... list prices have gone mental, hitting S$200k... best to watch for it at half that at auctions or at secondary dealers when they do pop up... oh and this is a permanent grail watch for me... that is till i get it 1 day :)

urwerk has dropped off... the 103's satellite disc numerals don't look menacing enough to me in reality. in the ads they do but in the metal, i find the numerals look... amateurish, toy like somehow... the new hex ones look like a bad joke...

these following ones are more or less permanent fixtures :) FPJ Resonance, AP ROO Rubens Barichello II Ti & EOD, AP RO Quantieme Perpetual Squelette...

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