Wednesday, 4 March 2009

back to mine :)

long story short, my Vianney Halter Classic had to go back to St Croix for a spa visit... chilling with the nice folks in Manufacture Janvier... I wish I was there too :) but after a few months, its thankfully made its way back to mine. the issue was some servicer probably tried to service it and did a shoddy job and caused it to be gaining time. A LOT of time... so the spa trip was needed. I would like to extend my thanks to Alan & Dennis at The Hour Glass Millenia Walk for their help and Vianney and Philippe for their communication throughout. Thanks all :)

So very happy its back :) happiness is a warm pink gold vianney halter watch indeed

will find some time to take better pics of this classic in the following weeks

oh and it also joined me for lunchies when me and some mates went to check out a private sale at the hour glass... good company good conversation and pretty fine watches too

other than the freak and classic, the only non-white metal watch was this lovely VC chrono which i really like. Too small for me though but a nice piece indeed...

yup boys and girls, its a lemania 321... lovely as always

same base as in the Patek 5070 and select perpetual chronos and my speedy...


Max said...

Great to see the VH is back! And with a new strap too! :)

raphmeister said...

Hey Max, yup I got a custom strap made elsewhere and did the strap change myself... springbars are tricky and not as convenient as screws on the PAM :)

The VH is such a lovely piece...


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