Friday, 6 March 2009

pre-basel 2009... there seems to be a little problem

been checking out all the pre-Basel 2009 pieces on and well its pretty sad... more of the same, and copies of watches or copies of copies. a lot of 'way out there' designs in big cases to grab attention. the oversized sports watch is not dead as yet it seems :) so the problem we have is that out of all the over 50 new watches pre-Basel from small to big houses, new and old, the only news that had me wanting to know more about is about a phone! go figure

The Ulysse Nardin Chairman

The UN Chairman is supposed to be a 'hybrid smartphone'. dun ask me a hybrid of what and what. From the press release "While details are limited, it has been confirmed that the Chairman will be able to use any mobile phone service provider in the world and includes several components never seen before in a smart phone. It will incorporate a Ulysse Nardin designed kinetic rotor system which is blended into the mechanical and aesthetical design of the smart phone. This smart-phone is hand-assembled under the strictest guidelines mandated by Ulysse Nardin."

I normally frown on watch manufactures doing cufflinks, pens, belts and God knows what else but my interest is somehow piqued by the Chairman as perhaps it will be a good compliment to my rose gold Freak! but i doubt it will be on my shopping list as i won't spend more than an iphone or iphone killer variants price on a phone :) cheers, raph


Perpetuelle said...

keep you eye on for more / sign up for updates.

share your sentiments on some of the other watch-brand branded items and will be blogging soon on one new brand in particular.


raphmeister said...

thanks for pointing out the uncells site Kyle.


swissworld said...

Magsonic, magsonic… !?!! Another marketing invention or a true new material that amplifies sound ? Gerald Genta has apparently registered a patent for its grande sonnerie priced at a million, which comes out at Basel. They don’t want to talk about it, but the rumor is out >

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