Wednesday, 13 May 2009

just to share... if u want something cool ;)

& have about S$24k handy... and are smaller wristed... than this is a great catch... the vianney halter goldpfeil. there is one right now for sale at passions in funan in Singapore. i am not paid to advertise yuh, just bringing this to the attention of like minded WIS... a WIS public service announcement u might say :)

jump hour moonphase... hand crafted 18k wg case... very nice

the history of it was that goldpfeil, a german bag maker, collaborated with 7 members of the ahci to come up with new and interesting watches and 7 piece uniques in 2001... now some of the goldpfeil watches are pretty hideous(trust me google and u will know) but this one is nice, very nice in fact... (fyi goldpfeil went bankrupt recently) the VH Goldpfeil is limited to 100 pieces...

the reason i did not pick it up for myself is that it is too small for me and when i put it on my wrist i was saddened that it did not wear bigger...but if it had, i would be 24k poorer and would have to have come out with a very good reason why i bought another watch to my CFO(wife). for smaller wristed folks who wish to pick up a work of horological art, then this is a great catch. to check out the one in passions, go to funan or visit this link. but best to see it in the metal before deciding yuh. cheers, raph

manufacture movement by vianney

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