Saturday, 18 July 2009

a fun gtg with some cool WISs

i had the opportunity to get in touch with a cool local watch lover and collector, darth khips, possibly from tattooine, who introduced me to some of his watch loving kakis (colloquial expression for 'mates' for my foreign readers :) so a gtg was setup and it was a fun nite with new found friends... no airs and some nice and fun watches

vacheron constantin malte chrono... a very nice chrono

nouvelle lemania 2310... a very nice movement be it in a 5070, a roger dubuis, a speedmaster or in this vc

cool GO panograph... unfortunately i didn't manage to snap a decent movement shot but the movement is pretty nice too...

chronoswiss monopusher... i am not a fan of the ribbed tuna can style cases but can understand the charm it has for others

blancpain full calendar... i like the classic style to this piece and the old style pointers...

azimuth... i applaud the singapore gents for doing their thing and setting up a brand that has fans and haters... pretty polarising... but for me their sense of aesthetics are pretty bad... and to the question 'raph do u think u could do better in terms of design?' ... Yes I believe so... how difficult is it to top this for eg?

jlc duometre in yg... an interesting piece... it did not call out to me personally but i like its innovation “Photobucket”

and the movement...

a couple of pieces lined up...

blancpain fifty fathoms in rg... a pretty heavy beast

mih... after seeing and putting it on my wrist, i know its not for me... i respect the work of ludwig and gerber but the aesthetics do not call to me... and the unaligned/misalgined date issue would drive me crazy

moser mayu... everything works except that '12' unfortunately... and not sure about the non-applied indices...

nice derrierre though ;)

thats it for this gtg... a good time with some fine folks. hope u enjoyed the post.
cheers, raph


darth-khips said...

so, you found my planet of origin. its harsh desert and slow motion qualities lends itself well to horological exploits.

jokes aside, thks for showing up and sharing your views. the the usual kudos to your pics. must clean the watches first next time!!

raphmeister said...

darth, the pleasure was mine... it was real tough to take decent pics and close to impossible to see what i was taking as it was so dark there...

we should think about like a midday gtg or just after 6pm one so there some light ;)


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