Sunday, 4 October 2009

OT... pictures of a thing of beauty...

a mate's lamborghini murcielago... the roar of this beauty is something else... enuff words... [damn... do i change the blog to car & time tapestry? ;) haha]





Anonymous said...

He ruined it with the seat covers!! :(

Anonymous said...

Yes car and watches go perfectly together! Make sure to post more pics of cars you spot on the road rather than press images since they are all over the net.

P.S. Good choice on the 6speed manual & HREs...needs a RM11 ti with a white vented strap to match ;)

Raphael Too said...

Reverting on the comments...

1) i was joking abt changing the blog title. The main focus here will be watches but if anyone noted in the header its about my 'musings on life, love and other passions' other than advancing the love of horology, so these beautiful diversions will come n will pop up in posts as & when i get exposure to these amazing machines.

Cars r someting most boys love :)

2) the seat covers aren't so bad in my view :)

3) the 2009 sing f1 rm11 with the white flanges, dlc case(i think) and white vented rubber strap will go best with this.


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