Monday, 23 November 2009

OT: no i can't give u a ferrari for Christmas but...

i can point you to something cool :) click here and configure the version u want... the raphmeister fezza is a wip...


first unveiled at the frankfurt motor show 2009 and winning the car of the show award and embedding itself in the hearts and minds of all the boyz who love the prancing horse... the 458 italia... it is glorious.. some folks have commented on the rear and the triple exhaust tailpipes and the stick out rear lights... all of which is slightly ott but to me it actually all looks pretty good especially when its going so bloody fast ;)


check these vids out... & start saving for it ;)

Downforce = the stuff that keeps your 458 on the ground and not in the tree ;) Ferrari says that at 200kph (124mph) the 458 generates 140kg of downforce!!! planted i believe is the word :)

the 458 is ferrari's latest mid-engined supercar rear wheel drive v8, combining aerospace alloys with a Pininfarina design... direct injection 4.5-liter V8 pumping out 563 horses, good for a 0-to-62 MPH sprint under 3.4 seconds and a top speed of 202 MPH.

in terms of other owners of this fine beast... michael schumacher, fernando alonso and i hear cristiano ronaldo is hot for it... trust me a lot of wankers will own one :) but its cool, most have earned their way into the hallowed halls of ultimate wank-dom... but of course there are non-wankish owners... one can dream to be one of them... the 458 Italia will be going on sale early next year with prices expected to be around the £150,000 mark in the UK... in singapore i would peg it around the S$8-900k range or 2.5-3ish times more (why does it increase to such a crazy price when breathing singapore air? why!!!!???)

the 458 also boasts some ‘green credentials’ with the supercar averaging a claimed 21.2mpg and emitting 307g/km of carbon dioxide. This may not sound too impressive but to put it into perspective, the slightly slower and less powerful F430 emits 420g/km and averages 15.4mpg... uhm... whatever...

a good writeup of it can be found here & last pics... sigh... jus look at those curves... a thing of beauty... prepare to want one & sell the house if need be ;)


ok ok... and one pic in traditional red :)

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