Tuesday, 12 January 2010

HM2 SV Unveiled In All Its Cool Clear Goodness ;)

Max Busser is a creative genius in the horological space. the watches he has worked with friends to come out with are micro-engineered architectures and are well... simply put... bloody cool ;) so the latest of the line of HM2s is here for 2010... the sapphire vision. its a beautiful piece in the pics & i'm pretty sure it'll be amazing in the sapphire/metal :) love that one can view the movement architecture... i believe some of the movement parts are darker than others as well and if so, dats real nice.


only thing i would add to it is the option of different colors/metals(not talking about all the colors of the rainbow as per other LE factories) but 2 or 3 color variants maximum eg. red, white[numerals on disc to have black borders] and blue(this one) for the white metal versions with appropriate/interesting straps to go eg. black stingray, white gator etc. one rose gold/black version would be cool too.


the blue water resistance gaskets don't work for me so much in the pics and i think i might prefer someting a bit more neutral. but perhaps it works better this way in the metal... definitely hope to see it soon :)


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all the best to the MB&F team and the horological machine marvels in 2010. cheers, raph

love this new year greets from MB&F :)


Stefano said...

Wow! This watch is revolutionary! I'm sure this is the beginning of some interesting case designs.


Raphael Too said...

Hey Stefano, are you looking for something different? ;) cheers

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