Monday, 3 May 2010

opus? & la kermit ;)

one of the worst watches out of basel this year with a over half a million USD price tag (if i recall correctly) is the harry winston opux X. just look at it! emperors new clothes kaching kaching ;) the question is how did it get to this point... i mean what happened along the way from great pieces like opus III (though sadly not delivered still) and V and now to this?

thick and big 46mm in white gold and limited to a 100 pieces. the whole dial turns but honestly, who cares? :)

perhaps its because the hwrt team lost one of its best and brightest? :) something new came out today from a man whose name is inextricably tied to that of the harry winston's opus line(for now) and thats max busser with the mb&f hm3 frog. why frog? let the pics speak for themselves...

ribbit... ribbit... i did a double take when i saw the "H" and "M" at the top of the globes... thought it read "H""W" for a second ;) an interesting version of the hm3. this one coming in black pvd coated titanium and limited to 12 pieces...

a titanium version is gonna be out there too with the nice blue battle axe rotor showing... the super-thin-and-lite aluminium domes rotate to tell the time in globe shaped sapphires... its 835 right now based on the pointers...

it makes me think of frogger games and ...

ms piggy goin "ker-mit..." ahh the lovely couple

no final verdict from the raphmeister on the froggie yet. hope to see it in the metal [though i may not get the chance] before makin' up my mind but for now... in all honesty, i find it alright. cheers, raph

Added note on 8 May 2010... check out this pic Harry took of the live frog here [click here] ok... i like the frog based on this and other live pics i've seen... looks very cool :) cheers, raph


Ariel said...

The post made me smile. While I don't necessarily agree with you on all points (I personally found a bit more interest in the Opus X) - I did love the comparison, the Harry Winston / MB&F connection, and of course the image at the bottom of the muppets. Just the type of stuff I like to do when I am inspired to announce my dislike or confusion for a new piece. Take it easy.


raphmeister said...

Hi Ariel

Thanks for your comment... i think i don't belong on forums as they mostly only welcome folks who say nice things about everything. best i air my views on these overpriced toys on my blog :)

ok in my view the opus X doesn't look like a harry winston. there is nothing that makes me think of HW when i see it. for a round case and not having the 3 column thing with the shorter middle column at the crown area for example... i think its one of its major failings.

happy you liked the post though and honestly the pic of piggy and kermit is the one that puts a smile on my face when i go thru it ;)

cheers, raph

Gajo Filosofal said...

Vegas is known for its rushed weddings but there is also a watchy side of this trend. Sometimes you are coming out of a roulette with a spair couple of tens of thousand and suddenly in a nice window there it is, a Deepsea. And you are drunk, and you don't want to carry all that money through the street, you might get into an accident and die and you never bought a Rolex in your life and bla bla bla. So you buy it! Ok... you wake up the next morning and look at it... Bleeeargh! Ugly thing!!! Did you ever had this sensation just after buying a watch?

Yours trully

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