Wednesday, 7 July 2010

HOLY TOLEDO!! HM4 Thunderbolts Are A-Go!!!

the folks who aren't fans of mb&f on facebook should join as i think its a platform used to get the word out. so sometime yesterday, the 7 July it was released to the world wide web. the HM4 is upon us and what a fantastic piece it is.



this is an aviation themed watch like no other... the 2 dials resembling the jet engine turbines on the A10 thunderbolt...



i look forward to sharing more 'real' pics of this piece soon :)


Stefano said...

Great looking watch! If only the price tag wasn't out of this world.

raphmeister said...

Hey Stefano
Thanks for the comment mate :)
Do check out the live pics and my thoughts on the piece in the post above...
i believe retail is rather high but if theres demand than its not an issue of course :)

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