Sunday, 18 December 2011

Long Time Since I Caught A Movie...

Having 2 kids means its not often me and the wife have the chance to catch a show but we finally did tonite after a very long time... I can't even remember the last show we caught together but I do remember the first... it was a movie with ewan mcgregor and scarlett 'pouty lips' johansson... the island in 2005... anyways i digress. mission impossible 4, was a good switch the brain off and enjoy the stunts in digital glory show. most would notice the cars of course and bmw is an official partner but i of course notice the watches. Simon's got a g-shock on, the renner guys got a rollie sub and Mr Hunt is wearing a very nice tudor heritage chrono... the black dial version. i thought I saw a couple of the russians sporting omegas but i may be wrong.

Ethan must have went watch shopping in Dubai

what can i say they have good taste in watches ;)

you can read more about the tudor heritage chrono ~ monte carlo here


Tasos said...

For me it is awkward to see Rolex without the cyclops and even stranger to see one missing date window. The dial is a bit cleaner but overall I'm used to seeing date option. Nevertheless it is one fantastic watch.

Stefano said...

You're a lucky man! I'm still waiting for the day I can go see a's been 2 years and counting.

Nice watches in that movie, seems Rolex wanted some good exposure in this movie.

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