Monday, 8 October 2012

Bond... James Bond... Skyfall is coming! :) Omega on the wrist of course

The OMEGA Seamaster Planet Ocean worn by Daniel Craig in “SKYFALL,” the next installment of the James Bond franchise, was sold for £157,250 ($254,273) at Christie's in London on Friday, October 5th, for the "50 years of James Bond: the auction". 

All proceeds from the sale of the watch will be donated to ORBIS, a charity that is close to both Craig and OMEGA ( ).

Other key OMEGA Bond watches have also been sold at auction. So far the highest sale price for a “Bond” watch was the Planet Ocean worn in Casino Royale,” which sold for $255,565 . The “SKYFALL” watch marked the second highest price for a Bond watch. Rolex and the watch it made for “Live and Let Die” stands as the third highest bringing in $196,056.

A unique piece specially made out of titanium for the action scenes in the movie

Daniel Craig with the watch on

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the trailer looks cool... & i'm lookin forward to the movie for sure :) 
& the adele track rules too


Stefano said...

I miss the Bond Rolex days.

raphael too said...

I love Bond films. as a kid growing up i didn't think too much about plot and character development and what not so re-watching some of the old films that wowed me when i was a kid, they seem flatter and not so great... but there are scenes that are great and will stay in my mind. some nice cars and some nice watches. the Rolexes on Connery, Moore which were the Bonds i grew up with, are definitely cool. but Bond evolves and Omega(Biver then) was smart to get their product placement paws on Bond and here we are now. am looking forward to watching it when it opens :)

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