Wednesday, 25 December 2013


New evidence has been found that Santa is a WIS and a chrono-lover! :)

as you know, it's a tough gig getting all the gifts out to the nice kids on Christmas and it's important he has the best sports chronos(as things get a lil rough) to help time his runs in different parts of the world ;)

hope you like the pics. it's been awhile since my last post as it has been a busy time for the raphmeister. work, family, more work, and other complications(unlike the watch variety that are more fun) got piled on in 2013, making life that little bit more challenging but like the best movements out there, i'll take a beating and keep on ticking :) 

So parting words before the festivus I mean holidays... Just be good to each other and try doing that every day instead of only on the merriest of occasions... the world can be a better place :) [at this point u may be thinking 'I want to know what he's on n I may want summadat'... u may say I'm a dreamer but I'm not the only one... ] have a great 2014!

Well Wishes to all! A Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year! :) hmm what do we have here. A nice card and an uhm... let's see... is it a reindeer's nose ring or santarina's uhm... nevermind... whatever the case, me likes it :) thanks Harry Winston

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