Sunday, 31 July 2016

Emergence of Sevenfriday HDB! review & shenanigans to follow [HDB = Heavy Duty Box]


The HDB changes the nature of the original sevenfriday and transforms it from uber cool and great looking timepiece into... war zone ready, extreme sports capable, torture test wannabe, COWABUNGA! crazy, cash test dummy cool lookin' time machine. ok i'm not sure how it will hold up to all of that but it kinda feels that way :) 

Initial impressions - Who should buy the HDB?

  • Current sevenfriday owners who want to change things up - effectively getting a super sporty NEW watch from what they had before 
  • People who don't own a sevenfriday, who should first buy a sevenfriday and the hdb :) there's a combo out there but it's only for the one watch model. it's the great looking P3-1 black with red accents model. details can be found here LINK
  • folks who are buying big watches and want a training watch for the wrist presence so they don't bump that other more expensive watch so much *kidding* :) 
next couple of pix answer the 'what's in the box question?' and some of the box 
side of the box
some instructions
a box in the box. the box is made up of? u wouldn't be able to guess it, recycled nylon... interesting huh
in the hdb, there's an orange sponge thing and this P series adaptor
& the back of it tells s it's size... 72MM (W) X 67MM (L) X 32MM (H) EGADS! that the adapter is
made of C5H8 (isopreneit transforms your 3atm (30m) sevenfriday watch into a 10atm (100m) capable watch

other observations
  • it closes like one of those super air tight container tupperware style lids (or am i getting confused with the weapon munitions box i had to use in the army) whatever the case, it's easy to figure it out. 
  • some folks think it looks like a go pro :)
all it needs now is a sevenfriday watch... which i happen to have (still lovin it of course)
& then the water treatment began... "I don't have to take this abuse much longer!" [Guess the movie... it's got lots 
of water in it ;) ] oh and which sports watch are u reminded of when looking at the  pic below? begins with an "N"
and here's how it fares with sea monsters... another movie quote comes to mind...
''luca brazi sleeps with the fishes''
don't ask what's the smoke coming out from the case is about... u don't want to know ;) 
"Extreme ways are back again" wearing it to watch Jason Bourne tonight
after all of that... the watch inside is unharmed and superdry 

From the sevenfriday site: Secures the watch from sand, dirt, water, paint tomatoes and knocks with the watertight SEVENFRIDAY Heavy-Duty Box (HDB) Free from convention, SEVENFRIDAY presents its first watch accessory, the Heavy-Duty Box. A playful and ironic answer to the constant competition between watch brands for more functions and smarter applications. This airtight box is made from nylon fibre and is designed to take a beating, protecting your SEVENFRIDAY from sand, snow, sea and skydives! When the going gets tough, the HDB has your back #destresstest NB - HDB fits all P-Series watches and non NFC M-Series watches.

& that's it for now. hope u thought it was fun as it was fun for me :) will be doing posts in future with this of course and subjecting it to other possibly extreme situations. cheers, raph

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