Tuesday, 31 July 2018

Fuji 110mm f2 vs Zeiss Otus 85mm f1.4 on Fuji GFX50S... FIGHT!

A shot taken this past weekend with the Zeiss Otus on the GFX

First off i would like to note that this is not a technical review with charts and a view of lpms and mtfs and such and there are other sites for that (google 'jim kasson zeiss'). This was me having 10mins at the fuji shop and having the zeiss on my gfx and saying let's do this! :) 

For all the images below, the shot with the Fuji is on the left and the shot with the otus is on the right. I shall share the comparo images first before coming to my own conclusions based on this checking of the files. I excluded others I had taken favoring these as there wasn't any misfocus or shutter shake in these. ok onto some comparisons then. 

the shot below is a crop in of the above shot and they look very much the same

Shot from moving back a little from the above position
crop in of the above shot and again they look very much the same


My thanks to the Fujifilm staff at Suntec City who was kind enough to let me take a quick portrait shot (all in the name of speedy lens tests :) 


Do note the below is a super zoomed in crop of the above picture. and the Zeiss pic is more zoomed in than the fuji. 



The Zeiss Otus becomes a nice 67.15mm f1.11 lens on medium format (in 35mm full frame terms). There isn't a lens for the GFX in this range right now as it's not a standard focal length used by most. But it is kinda like imbetween 50mm and 85mm and you have more of the scene to play with which is good and in tighter spots will be able work it better than the 110mm. 

Cropping in a little and getting rid of the vignette makes it excellent. The sharpness and overall IQ of this lens is more than enough for GFX medium format quality. 

Another negative is that the Otus is heavy... heavier than the autofocus Fuji. I would have preferred if the rubber bits on the otus weren't rubber and made out of metal or something that will last the ages but of course that would probably have made it even heavier! 

Manual focus is the other biggie. I found some inconsistencies with the Fuji AF for nailing the focus on the 110mm lens but it means you refocus and take the same shot if you have the opportunity to. When it nailed focus though, that Fuji lens produces AMAZING image quality! The Zeiss Otus lens manual focuses quite easily but some fair bit of turning is involved to go from one end to the other. 

For manual focus, I suggest focusing zoomed out to make sure the pic is getting into focus for most of the way and then punch in to ensure you get it focused right on where you want it to focus (eg. eye for portraits) and then it's rock and roll... sharp and bokehlicious Otus pix on Fuji GFX :) 

Overall, I would say that the Zeiss Otus 85mm is a great addition to both your full frame and medium format arsenal as it straddles systems like Nikon, Sony, and I'm happy to say the Fuji GFX :) May do a similar test on a hasselblad x1d someday. 

Cheers, Raph

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