Saturday, 31 March 2007

zzzzzzooooooooooooommmmmm ... some racing watches

daytona... lovely

and then they had to make this...
viewer caution ... the following image may be seen as offensive to some

Ok... then we have the APs ... Barichello 1, does nothing for me...
Montoya ... some nice some not so nice...

Barichello 2, GORGEOUS. I think Rubino is probably one of the nicest gents in the paddock but I wish he was a better driver with a better car and winning races, vying for titles... as a driver I don't see him shining as much as this watch right now... The watch is bigger better and nicer than the name thats on it imo... which is just sad. oh ralf schumacher was wearing one of these which is funny :)

oh and theres this too... lovely rm
seems like the brazillians in F1 are getting all the nice watches :) cool
the others are getting tags and God knows what else!!! eeewww

you say you want a revolution ... well, you know we all want to change the world

in my opinion, one of, if not the best watch mag on Singapore shores. I've been so occupied reading the great articles inside and scoping out the great pix that I don't have much time to post on here [sounds like an excuse but its true... to a degree... something else keeping me busy which you'll get to know about soon :) ] anyways go out there and buy it now!!! 'nuff said

honey, did you see where i kept my alinghi, i swore it was on my winder a moment ago...

source : cover photo of revolution taken from horomundi (revolution's internet home)

Wednesday, 28 March 2007

I believe "shaved" ... oops I mean "shoes" is the expression

;) reliving an american pie moment there. sorry got to get my mind out of the gutter... oh and they have beaver straps too... hmmm

Anyways, new "shoes", read straps for my 111. Its fun to switch them around and you can do it all very easily. All you need is the screwdriver provided in the pearwood box and a pair of pliers(your own) to pull out the pin holding the pre-v buckle to the strap and you're ready to roll... I've seen lots of folks on the forums with amazing strap collections... Simonas, Dirks, Gregs Crazy Horse, WWII Ammo, OEMs etc etc etc but I don't think I am going down that path... not yet anyways.

Wanted to add that I got my PAM from a very nice gentleman and because the original strap my watch came in had some pen marks on it, he was kind enough to let me swap it to another OEM strap and voila, I got my favourite OEM strap from him, the one that normally comes with the panerai 172 tantalum... the Calf gold Montecarlo... delicious

Old Shoes & ... Yummy movemet... An ETA!? the hell u say

looks like another rubber lover ... new shoes ripped right offa the 172


wristshot ... & I couldn't help it... the sunrise today :)

Tuesday, 27 March 2007

Markets flooding with them ... White & Black Rubberclad Offshores

I keep seeing them at the watch shops for some reason. The last 4 non-AD watch shops I have been to in Singapore that deal in BNIB to more used pieces have had rubberclads on display. I see mostly the white dial ones on sale but today saw one black dial one available.

At these non-AD watch shops and websites in Sin, you will be able to see these babies going for S$17-18k(depending on condition). Don't pay anything above S$18k yuh :) and use your negotiation skills. Its supply and demand and seeing that there is quite a fair bit of supply...

The list price for these white dial and black dial rubberclads in Sin is S$30,900. Typically discounts can range at the ADs due to a number of factors but I think picking it up in the S$17-18k range is a pretty good deal if you can get a LNIB model. Scout around yuh. On the demand side, Paneristis who become enamoured with the Royal Oak Offshores normally go for the Rubberclads, and folks who can't stand scratches on their RO and ROOs and are anal about these things may switch to Rubberclads as well. As they're hard to see at the AD, pick them up now at these non-AD resellers if you're into this line of watches.

Those you don't see so often...

Amongst the regular production rubber clad line, the Rose Gold one is in my opinion the best but comes with a hefty price tag, selling for double what the regular steel rubbers go for(lots of pics of this watch on my site so none for this post). For the rubber Limited Editions there is the Barichello 1, which I don't like at all... and the Singapore Orchard Road La Boutique with tantalum and rubber and the red 8 limited to 100 pieces... Very nice... when this one came out it, the boutique was selling it at S$38,888 (8 is a lucky number for Chinese) but it sold out in a blink of an eye and has been offered at 20-30% over that price since and this may be rising.

Saturday, 24 March 2007

Check dis picture out... You can see the sea and the sky in it : )

Click on the picture above

My First Panerai : )

Hello all, this is my first watch purchase since I started this blog and so this spot gets first dibs on pics of my latest baby :) 2 posts down, you see me raving about the 217, which is an amazing watch, but somehow its not for me right now.

I was in the shop, cradling the 217 in my hands, finger on the trigger, and I pulled back... It didn't call out to me somehow and there was the other consideration that I always have to be in long sleeved shirts mon-thurs which means it would see very little wrist time as it just can't go with my work outfit, to my eyes anyway.

So I take a cab over to this nice little shop in Singapore and the 111 beckons. Its size is good for me, its gleam and its open back entrancing and it looked good on my wrist and with my work attire... I was sold...

If you read my watch buying advice, the beginning states the simple rule to 'buy what you love'. This watch may not have been someone else's choice for their first, or even someones recommendation for me, but I love it and am very happy walking out the shop with it :) Enjoy the pics below

First Wristshot

Nothing pedestrain here

First try at lume

& just because its a beautiful day out in sunny Singapore... the view from my place

Cheers & HAGWE

Posts of this in Paneristi & Timezone OP Forum

Saturday, 17 March 2007

Rubber Lover

3 of these things belong together, 3 of these things are kind of the same, Can you guess which one of these doesn’t belong here? Now it’s time to play our game (time to play our game)

Just for shits and giggles :)

Thursday, 15 March 2007

I dream of .... a black fiddy and the destro version ; )

If you've read my previous post on my thoughts on Panerai , you know that I think most of em are hugely overpriced and none more so than some of the 47mm 1950 cased pams with unitas handwind movements in them. And like the sucker that I am, i've fallen for the look of it and the size of it. (Note: I am a pretty large sized guy with slightly over 7" wrists so taking relative sizes into account, nicely designed 47mms are probably the max size for me) Radiomir cases do absolutely nothing for me, the 44mms luminors are nice but the 47mm 1950 cases are DA BOMB.

And so we come now to a great design from the 6152 and destro versions which have spurred the development of the following fine panerai watches...

PAM 203 (A grail watch for some) Angelus SF 240 movement, 18,000 alternations/hr, 192 hrs (8 days) power reserve - 150 pieces in 2005 ... Costs the earth for what it is

PAM 127 - 1950, 2002 release of 1950 units and called the "fiddy" because the 50 for 50cent the rapper's name was called that and it stuck. Panerai OP XI calibre (read ETA) COSC, panerai on the bridges and swan neck.

PAM 217 - Marina Militaire, 1000 units in 2005, Panerai OP XI as well with cotes de geneve and swan neck regulator.

For the 127 and the 217, I think the the list for them when they first launched was something around US$7,000(i maybe wrong) and now they're hitting US$10,000 and above on the secondary market.

They are doing some great things in Firenze with new movements and designs. Checkout horomundi for the latest link 1 link 2

My current favourite of the all the bunch though is ...
The Marina Militaire 217 Fiddy Destro

2 reasons why it wins over the 1950. Its got marina militaire on the dial. the crown guard won't dig into my hand when its worn on the left... and that look... yummy

And a new contender ... Black Fiddy (and maybe even a Black 217 possibility? u never know)

Spotted on Mr Bonati's wrist in Firenze...

(Picture sources :, and

Saturday, 3 March 2007

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Alinghi Team

After a long wait and fun tease by Thomas (AP Forum Moderator at thepurists) ... the Royal Oak Offshore Alinghi Team Chronograph has arrived. My initial thoughts are that its beastly. The look of the forged carbon case material is very interesting indeed, having only seen it before in the base plate of a Richard Mille. For some reason this watch has led to an overload in my mind about AP and its numerous limited editions, questions on whether they have lost their way or overmilked the cow which I will address another time. For now...

My likes
- Caseback is nice :)
- The use of forged carbon material so extensively is interesting
- Countdown counter is cool and alinghi logo is always nice
- Main numerals are pretty nice

My dislikes
- Hour and minute hands don't quite cut it for me. Too fatty and the shapes just out
- No end links looks weird and cheapens the strap somehow
- For the whole forged carbon version, the hexagonal screws aren't distinctive and I wish that they were slightly more so
- The in situ pics of the forged carbon makes it look a dirty dark gray and not a darker color closer to black(which is what it looks like in the press pics) and the dirty gray with the texture-y look of the material doesn't do anything for me. Looks like a dark concrete mix in a way
- The markers around the edge of the dial make it look a little busy

Other versions
- Rose gold version doesn't look that great in the press pics due to the dial failings but will have to see more to decide
- Platinum looks pretty decent but is way overpriced. Too bad they couldn't come out with a stainless steel version or titanium one if weight is such an important factor.

My take is that the Alinghi Polaris dial has got some things going for it that could have been retained.

If I had a chance to better the Team Alinghi watch, I would release a white metal cased version in stainless steel or titanium with the forged carbon bezel and white metal hexagonal screws, kept the end links and modified the old rubber strap if you want to jazz it up a little but kept with having a deployant clasp with it and sold it with an additional tang buckle (hey it is a limited edition no?). For the dial I would have different hour and minute hands and different subdial pointers. The markers along the edge of the dial would be cleaned up too. Chrono pushers could be nicer too. Ok thats all for my critique of the watch.

I am sure that the boys out there with the proper boutique and AD connections have theirs on order and are awaiting delivery in a few months time. All the best to future owners and one thing that AP did achieve with this is that it will definitely get noticed and we know that there is only one way the price of this is going...

Friday, 2 March 2007

I see you shiver with ............. antici....PAtion

Do checkout the numerous posts on the launch of this in timezone and purists AP forum and horomundi primetime forum for the info there (links can be found in the fave links section)

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