Sunday, 16 March 2008

the lost photos...

some photos i took during the tempus exhibition of watches i found interesting... some i like, some i puzzle over but all i still can't afford... yet ;)

the AP Royal Oak Concept... A mighty interesting concept it is

maximillian busser and friends ... the MB&F Horological Machine 1 (HM1) ...
this one i don't get. the closer i zoom in the nicer it is... meaning the bits and pieces are really nice but the overall aesthetic with its funky case shape just doesn't appeal. ditto for the HM2

this one i like... the past and the future combined in it
vianney halter antiqua... this is art

urwerk 103 blackbird... satellites of love... what a black beauty

richard mille getting it wrong... the RM 16
what a horrible looking case and watch

phillippe dufour simplicity... mr dufour is
an independant watchmaker i respect loads


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