Saturday, 29 November 2008

a new toy... the nikon D90

sometime back i made a quick recommendation of the nikon d90 dslr... i think nikon has really upped their game with this camera and have won the middle range lineup fight across the other camera lines (for all APS-C cameras)... going up a notch the Canon 5dMkii looks to be the king of the hill for full frame but that comes with a pretty hefty price tag.

Not wanting to spend more than the price of a Rolex on camera body and lenses, wide angle, macro, primes, teleconverters... (and flash, bags, tripods, dry cabinet, etc etc etc) i decided to go for the d90 which my luvly wife bought for me as a belated bday present... and its been a lot of fun so far... the right lenses play a part of course... so for now, I am happy with my kit lens and i just got the Sigma 30mm f/1.4 and will be getting the Tamron 90mm f/2.8 for macros soon... fun times ahead :) some newbie shots to share...

my lovely wife... (shot with kit lens and sb800 diffused)

my wonderful son (shot with sigma 30mm at f/1.4)

bokeh all around...

and a watch macro... gotta relearn how to shoot macros with a dslr it seems
(shot with nikon 105mm f/2.8 and a strobist's home setup)


Speedmaster said...

Handsome little guy, and I love that Journe! ;-)

KronosClub said...

Yes, congratulations!

Are you happy with your 105 Macro? Isn't it an awesome piece?


raphmeister said...

Hi Chris,

thanks for dropping a line and the compliments... the Journe is getting a lot of wrist time from me :)

Hey Dario,

Hope things are good with u. i didn't get the 105 macro and it was on loan from a good friend. i am most likely getting the tamron 90mm to do my macros but have not got that yet as its sold out islandwide right now... will share my shots once i have them.


Stefano said...

Great shots Raph! Look forward to more photos with your new toy

raphmeister said...

thanks Stefano :)

will be posting more once i get the right macro equipment... lens, telethingamajiggies and lights etc etc etc.


Classiclicious said...

Hi Raph

Happen to chance upon your blog. You have a very nice blog. Now I know where to go to for watch blog.

Saw your picture taken with Irin Gan who is one of my long time friend. We were schoolmates who used to hang out together. I miss her. Sad to say we lost touch after we left school. If you know a way for us to keep in touch, please email me to let me know. Would like to get in touch with her. Does Irin Gan has a blog ? Maybe I can drop by there to say Hi to her.

Thanks and God Bless.

Jo Ann

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