Friday, 12 December 2008

newly purchased time piece

before you think 'oh no, he's done it again' went off and bought a pricey timepiece in these tuff times... he must be working like 3 jobs or something... :)

i am sorry to dissapoint ;) i bought a short film entitled 'time piece' instead made by the very talented kat mansoor and the team at animal monday. From their site "Animal Monday is an independent film and TV production company, which creates original films and documentaries to inspire and inform." i havent checked out the other stuff they've done but this short film is excellent.


it features philippe dufour and vianney halter with great optional extras and can be had for a pifling 10 quid. ie go get it now if u have any interest in independent horology or in horology for that matter :) follow this link and have your paypal account ready

Again from their site "Focusing on the work of Vianney Halter and Philippe Dufour, Time Piece is a creative short documentary which examines the philosophies of two of the greatest Independent watchmakers. Made in 2006, the film explores the watchmakers' views and ideas through four key themes; Inheritance and History, The Beauty of Craft, The Pursuit of Perfection, Notions of Time. The film has been shown at Film Festivals around the world and was selected as 'Best of the Fest' at Palm Springs Film Festival in 2007."

Technical side of things: Use the excellent 'Free download manager' to download the file which is 900+ MB. I got it downloaded in about 20mins and use winrar or other tool to extract it. Its a .mov file so u need a player like Quicktime that can play that.

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Stefano said...

For a moment you had me going there, sounds interesting!

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