Wednesday, 18 March 2009

AP SIHH 2009 Live Pics and.... the Rise of the Bumblebee ;)

had a stopover at the Audemars Piguet Boutique down on Orchard Road as i had an invite to check out the SIHH 2009 novelties... not too many were available here but there were a couple... so sharing these pics here with u...

bumblebee bumblebee bumblebee !!! note this is NOT the official name for the... uhm... bumblebee ;) regular production and rrp at low S$40k... forged carbon body, ceramic bezel and lite...

a nice watch but if i were making it... the hour and minute hand would be yellowy like the End of Days and the tachymetre ring would be the same shade of grey as in the subsidiary dials outer ring...
this one though is still the king of AP black watches for me... and one of the best RO Offshore Limited Editions ever.... dark, menacing, strong and heavy pvd'ed steel ;) GGGRRRRR


and now for a short bling interlude.... BBBBLLLLLIIIIIINNNNNNNGGGGG!!!! to the max ;)

some interesting jewelry things on offer as well... the black rubber strap with the fierce AP buckle is retailing for S$1.7k if noted correctly

i found this quite pretty as well, maybe for the wifey? hmm after checking the price tag... gotta think about that one just a bit more ;)

and the other one i wanted to catch was this one... its not enamel but white lacquer... a good looking piece in my books

but it does face steep competition in the classic chrono range... the rest being more of manual wind chronos whereas this is an auto...

AP in house movement 3124/3481 based on the 3120 auto movement... easy to recognise that rotor on their other 3120 movements eg. used in the Royal Oak 15300...


Stefano said...

Great shots, Raph!

Love the Jules Audemars chrono. Love the vintage look, but maybe would prefer it if it was a manual wind.

Not a fan of the bumblebee, but then I'm not a fan of the volcano either. The EOD.....well, different story all together.


JET said...

Hey.. nice post. Do you know how much is the royal oak offshore ring, the one in the picture ? Thanks


raphmeister said...

sorry mate, didnt ask about the price of the ring. but i remember them telling me that they have several variants. 1 wif no bling, 1 wif a couple of diamonds and one with a lotta of em. go to boutique and ask as they only sell at the boutique.


WantAROO said...

Hi Raph,

Chanced upon your site recently as I was doing some research on the ROO (for myself). Thanks for putting up such an informative blog together.

I see you have quite an extensive coverage on all things ROO and also have one yourself. By the way yours look amazing. May I know which model is this?

Having seen some of the pieces at The HG and Sincere i realised they don't always have most of the models which are being featured. Either that or they carry the most outlandish / exquisite ones that will break peoples bank accounts.

I was just wondering if you happen to have quotes (RRP) for a range of the ROOs. From base models to mid-range. High end bells and whistles are simply out of my budget. And what would be your recommendation for someone who is just starting to foray into ROO?

Thanks in advance and I look forward to your reply.

raphmeister said...

hi wantaroo (uhm that yr real name? jus kidding :)

mines the black themes model which is part of their regular lineup.

there is no real starting point for roos. it really depends how much $$$ the person has to blow. some guys can go in and buy one of the gazillion limited editions out there as a start, with most starting in the S$40-60k range and going up into the stratosphere from there.

whereas some buy some of the regular lineup like the themes and rubberclad in the S$19-24k range (if i'm not mistaken). if u want to buy from an AD, then go to them for list prices. If you want to buy pre-owned or secondary market than they can be had for cheaper but mus be a little more careful in the purchase.

do check out the steel rubberclads and themes models, the navy, safari, volcano, scubas out, which are more entry level on the price front.


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