Friday, 19 March 2010

A look at AP SIHH 2010 Royal Oak Offshore Releases

AP was kind enough to host a bunch of collectors and customers recently and a cool local collector and enthusiast invited a bunch of mates down to ogle and grope some fine watches ;) [thanks to the fine boutique folks and J.S.] ok to the photos and my thoughts on the watches which i didn't think much of in the photos i had seen from SIHH...

ok i admit in the metal and carbon they aren't as bad as the pics i had seen... but... they aren't fantastic to me too... for the carbon piece, the light weightness doesn't do it for me... and i didn't like the pusher parts being a lighter color than the rest of the case... and all forged carbon = a big no for me... (same as the TA)

this one i thought was much better in the metal... the dial is not so loud as the middle portion is black and not red like the carbon piece and blue like the plat one. so it looks like the RB2Ti RG with red accents and that isn't a bad thing really... but is it enuff?

this was dissapointing... of course other than plat being too heavy to wear without getting a solid workout, the blue in the middle of the dial had a plasticky toy like look to it under certain lights... not buyable to me as a whole... so the RG for me amongst these 3 if i were forced to choose ;) haha

they all of course have one thing in common with the montoya and are now the 2nd line of watches in the ROO range with an open caseback... this one housing the AP in house calibre with modular chrono... its quite good that they have the whole racing grand prix theme running strong thru all design elements but overall its a thumbs down for this line for me...

there was a watch there though that caught the raphmeisters eye... ooohhh what do we have here?

you're looking pretty fine... trounces the old scuba range (sorry for owners of the old blue, red or orange scubas... and wempe too even though it does bear some resemblance to wempe it doesn't have wempe on the dial and that is a good thing)

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ok before we talk more about that very nice diver... here's some wristshots first... no...


hmm maybe... maybe not (sees the price tag... yowza... ok defintely not ;)

YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES!!!!!!!!!!! :) [even the price is sweet on this piece. list of S$22,900]

and so i leave the boutique with the thought of getting another watch... not the one below man... the one above this comment ;) i guess whats important though is that out of the 2010 ROO range, there is at least one that beckons to be bought and that is a good thing... other folks will want the Grand Prix and some will want the blingy one below, but i'll take the simple beater diver over them any day of the week and twice on sundays :)

as always i hope u enjoyed the post and have a great weekend ahead. cheers, raph


Stefano said...

Hey Raph, they do look much nicer in the flesh, but they are not my cup of tea....except for the diver...that one has an ok price and "normal" look.

Jet said...

Hi Raphael,

Thanks for the news and pics of the new AP watches. How much are the AP GP retailing in Singapore for? And are they available now or on waiting list?


Raphael Too said...

Hey Stefano, the diver is cool... 2011 for any new considerations other than that tudor ;)

Hi Jet, u're welcome. the carbon piece is 49 list and the rg is 88 list if i recall correctly. i believe deliveries will only be in the later part of the year so i think it would be wait list but best u check with the boutique or AD.

cheers, raph

Normann said...

Hi Raph,

I am from Malaysia and I heard the second hand watch shops in Singapore is quite solid. Please recommend a few dealers that is worth paying a visit to.

Thanks in advance!


Raphael Too said...

Hey Norm, you could check out the dealers noted in this post(somewhere in the middle of it).


darth-khips said...

howdy mate,

in some ways the grand prix is a amalgamation of all AP ROOs. technically superbly executed, exotic material, very well though out in the spirit of motorsports, BUT A LOWLY SCORE as a package both in aesthetics and deliverance of "OHMP". heard first few pieces are 10k above list!!

Raphael Too said...

Khips you are around, i thought you had gone off to the forest moon of endor to go ewok hunting or sumthin ;)

'amalgamation of all AP ROOs' is a good way to put it. in local terms means rojak :) agree with u that its good on many fronts but scores low where it matter most to uhm.. most, which is looks and oomph factor! looks like the markets hot for it though if its going above list but its not any concern of mine as its not on my wish list.

the good thing is the one i want from sihh and basel this year is supposed to be less than us$5k list :) n yourself, has the order book opened again and whats on the long list for this year?

have a happy Good Friday holiday and long weekend.

cheers, raph

darth-khips said...


been super busy. my bosses and masters of the universe in my organization trampling on the humble functionary that i am...sigh.

is this piece u r keen on a certain "junior" rolex remake of a classic named after a certain european city with chronograph function?????? if so, let me know, there are joint order possibilities.

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