Sunday, 21 March 2010

the rise of the HM4... & other notable independent marvels at baselworld 2010

Max and a mutual friend ;)

posing with his MB&F rotor ;)

among the many different releases this year, i chanced upon a most interesting picture... spaceship? phaser? star cruiser? what was it?

say hello to the MB&F HM4 movement... it looks amazing and i am looking forward
to see what the final product will be like (what size it'll be and uhm... if it can teleport one thru time and space ;)

the horological machines are just amazing timepieces to have in our universe and i am definitely looking forward to the arrival of the HM4...

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roger smith and sir george daniels

outside of MB&F, other notables in independent releases would be george daniels and roger smiths watch. at a cool 142,000 GBP excluding VAT and with 35 pieces made, it will only be for a select few... i admire Sir George Daniels for what he has done and Roger has become so accomplished working for and with this horological great. i wouldn't want to say anything negative about this pairing and this work :) at 142k gbp though (gulp!), its out of reach for me thankfully so not a consideration at all for the raphmeister.

romain gaulthier also revealed a new watch that shows off more of the dial. while i found the piece unique he did in the past nice(see pic below), i found the one shown at the fair a bit too much. so for me showing more is less in this case.

2010 offering...

and what is nicer to my eyes...

for live shots of Thomas Prescher's pieces at Basel, do check out my earlier post on his wonderful timepieces here.

and some parting thoughts... the watch that is as cool and innovative as the old freak is... the new freak :)

i m interested to see the mcgonigle's time only piece tuscar when its done, theres only sketches out there i believe... the harry winston opus X looks pretty bad to me right now... but the winner of the worst pieces i have seen are from artya and romain jerome(multi-year winner for this category)... thats all for basel 2010 views for now. have a good Good Friday :)

cheers, raph


Menzi Bhengu said...

R-Master...not too deviate too much.. but id like to know what is your Take On watches made by "INGERSOLL"....and Noteworthy Comments are welcome!

Raphael Too said...

Hi Menzi, apologies for not replying sooner... the thing is i have no view on ingersoll and its not one of the brands on my radar... if i do learn more about them i will post comments here :)
cheers raph

darth-khips said...

auctions are always a hit and miss i feel. some prices certainly feel manipulated.

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