Monday, 15 March 2010

OT: two excellent ads...

this ad has been around a bit but i only discovered it recently and thought it was too cool.. so first one is a print ad for panadol menstrual... real great stuff :)

Agency: Ogilvy & Mather, Singapore
Executive Creative Director: Todd McCracken
Creative Group Head / Art Director: Ashidiq Ghazali
Photographer: Groovy Studio
Retoucher: Procolor
Creative Group Head / Copywriter: Troy Lim

the next is probably one of the best car commercials ever impo(wif the limited number of car ads i have seen to boot ;) the music for it is sweeping and uplifting... most of the faces captured are chock-ful of character ... and most importantly it makes u believe in the magic of the three pointed star and makes u want to(or ease the hole burnt in your wallet when u) buy a mercedes benz ;)

there is a longer version of this out there but this is better as it has the essence of it... and there is of course the one that uses Janis Joplin's song 'Oh Lord won't u buy me a Mercedes Benz' but i think this 'Faithful' ad above tops that... i do like the Joplin song though and of course its plea ;) so here goes... "Oh Lord, won't you buy me a Mercedes Benz? My friends all drive Porsches, I must make amends. Worked hard all my lifetime, no help from my friends... so oh Lord, won't you buy me a Mercedes Benz?"


Stefano said...

Hey Raph, I like the MB commercial also. It's a bit like the Patek father and son ad campaign, a material object that can transcend generations. However, most of the cars featured are 20+ year old MBs. Not sure modern MBs can last as long, old MBs were built like Rolexes, newer ones.........?

P.S. I think you owe an explanation to your readers about the "only watch of 2010" post and the "new Panerai" post...did you maybe already get your first 2011 watch? :-D

Raphael Too said...

Danish ambulance service ML is not so old. the one the Kennedy family survived the crash in is definitely an e class from the last 2 generations.. w210 or w211 with the round headlights... and lets set aside the recent model the mum uses to ferry the kids ;)

MB do have an excellent safety record and have a reputation for quality. they have made a lot of fast cars in their time(Mclaren SLR, SL65 Black, the racing cars from Fangio and Moss' time to the current F1 cars) and iconic cars(SLs of old and the gullwing to the grosser)...

i know where you're coming from about are the new stuff as hardy reliable and built to last as the old ones... but i have more faith in them doing it right or building something not so disposable vs many of the other manufacturers out there...

more to follow in time ;) oh and for me i believe the rolexes were built to last too... not so sure about the most recent years of 08/09 though as they ramped up production severely. hope no corners were cut in the process.

with regards to an explanation to my readers on 'only watch of 2010' and then getting some nice panerais i was bout to say that the story will unfold in time but i will do a bit better...

say you start the year with 10 and u still have 10 right now then maybe u can say that u haven't gotten an additional watch this year as yet? hmm food for thought ;) haha

cheers, raph

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