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Auction Watch March April May 2010

So whats been happening in the world of auctions? its good to have a lookout then you know whats hot (or appears to be as there may be some manipulation going on with some pieces) and whats not.

End of day secondary prices is determined by demand and supply. Factors like how many are on the market, getting the word out to potential buyers are key in getting the pieces auctioned at decent prices.
for me i've lost a fair amount of interest in the vintage Rolexes and the Pateks for now so will skip over all of em... so other than many of those watches, what else is there? hmm lets see...

10 Mar Antiquorum

F.P. Journe, "Invenit et Fecit", "Chronomètre à Résonance," Made in a limited edition of 99 pieces in 2003. platinum and ruthenium chronometer wristwatch with resonance controlled twin independent movements. Estimate: 30,000 USD - 40,000 USD. Sold including buyer's premium: 50,400 USD [decent price as normal resonances in plat go for US40+k]

Lange Dato Plat went for US$36k which is the right ballpark.

Greubel Forsey White Gold Double Tourbillon 30° Vision Greubel Forsey, Estimate: 200,000 USD - 300,000 USD. Did not get done(i believe). this could prove worrying as the secondary market may not be strong for select independent pieces...

Panerai Pam 203 Estimate: 75,000 USD - 90,000 USD Sold for 108,000 USD.
The PAM 203 houses the legendary 60 year old Angelus SF calibre 240 movement. Panerai spent two years refurbishing and slightly upgrading the movements in preparation for production of the PAM 203. The PAM 203 was made in a limited production of 150 pieces. [A number of 203 sellers may be thinking of going the auction route noting this result ;) as i see many trying to sell it off for 90+k in various sale sites]

March 20 / 21 Antiquorum auction... the pieces of interest to me...

Tudor Ref. 7032 – Black dial Tudor, “Oyster Date Chronograph,” Ref. 7032/0, case made by Rolex, Geneva. Made in 1970. Known to most collectors as the Monte Carlo, references 7031 and 7032 marked the launch of Tudor's chronograph line. Instantly recognizable by their bright orange colors and homeplate-shaped indexes, they quickly gained a solid following. This is easily the rarest Tudor ever produced due to its early production date (inside case stamped II.70) and black dial (usually grey). These were among the first batch produced for Tudor (only produced over a period of 6 months) and were rapidly changed, since as of 1971 all models had grey dials. To the best of our knowledge probably fewer than 100 pieces were produced. This is the first time a black dialed 7032 has ever appeared at auction.

Estimate: 4,000 USD - 6,000 USD. Sold including buyer's premium: 38,400 USD. the black dials may be more rare but i like the grey dial ones more.

Tudor Ref. 7031 Estimate: USD 7460 - 11,190. Sold including buyer's premium: USD 17,900. the new ones rule at less than S$5k list so i wont be looking to fork over big $$$ for the vintage ones...oh and the new ones have a couple of tings i do like more eg. no date bubble

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak - Quantième Perpétuel Automatique Squelette Plat. Estimate: USD 46.6 - 65.3k CHF Sold including buyer's premium: USD 53.7k [beautiful watch at a reasonable price. the steel version typically go for around US$40k] this one auctioned off though had a fair(read a lot) amount of scratches if u see the original high res pic

H.W. Platinum Opus V Harry Winston and Felix Baumgartner, “Opus V”, No. 11/45, case No. 017668. The Opus V was made in a limited edition of 100 examples in 2005. Of these, 45 – including the present one – were made in platinum. Estimate: USD 140,000 - 200,000. Did not get done. This model was sold for a decent amount at a previous auction but question will be on sustained interest in them and other contemporary horological masterpieces...

Sotheby's April 07 Auction... the pieces of interest to me...

Panerai 000 from 2004 hammered for USD 6.8k when its estimate was US 2.3-3.3k. just plain silly. u can buy one recent series for about US$4k

NO 12/30. US 41.3—51.6k. Sold for US54.8k [less than s$80k? worth considering :)]

Sold for about S$126k [thats not alot compared to what they list for]

RICHARD MILLE 2005 RM010 Estimate S$27-36k
Sold for S$42.6k [sells for about there in the market]

S$57.3-86k. Sold for S$81k [sells for about there in the market]

Another coming up 19 Apr view the catalogue here and interestingly there isn't a single watch i want from it :) which is a good thing. i think...

Christies 10 May 2010

Greubel Forsey. An extremely fine and rare 18K white gold limited edition 3-day double tourbillon wristwatch with power reserve. INVENTION PIECE 1, 2007. Estimate $235,031 - $329,043. this should garner some interest...


Tudor. A rare and attractive stainless steel chronograph wristwatch with date, bracelet, vari-coloured dial, tag and box. REF. 7032, CASE NO. 759'833, MANUFACTURED IN 1971. Estimate $9,401 - $14,102. Grey dial. will see how it does against the last one done at US$17k.


TotalAxcess said...

I came across those TUDOR results myself and was shocked at the final prices paid. I agree with you, the new Tudor Heritage Chronograph Rocks, I'll be having one!

Raphael Too said...

the Tudor Monte Carlos have been going for about there for awhile but depends on condition and the dial color and provenance. its a lot to pay for sure.
agree that the new one totally rocks. we'll see if the raphmeister gets one :) thanks for dropping a line.

Amber said...

Very nice post!

I'm going to add them on my collection!

Thanks for the post raph!

noiseformind said...

Just found this blog and its truly a keeper. And it introduced me to this amazing brand URwerk. Just placed a down payment in one today (the one in gold with just a window in one of the dealers you mentioned in a past article) and the reason for my comment other than to salute you for your good taste is to try to make a point for the Survivor. Ok, its a timepiece probably not even a mother will love but socially, and we humans are social animals, makes such a big impact that I can't stop using it. The best example I can give you is the breakfast time at any given luxury hotel in the world. When people get their eyes on that watch they really look up to you. Its so rough that it really spells "danger" in an almost illogical pattern on human thought. Its like the bloke wearing it is a predator and its not afraid to show it. Ok, maybe I'm making the wrong point here, but the bottom page here is that this watch triggers human emotions around you. And isn't that the point? Cheers, Pedro

Raphael Too said...

Hi Amber, just to check, did u mean to add each of the watches noted in the post to your collection? thats gonna be quite a bit of coin :) haha.

Hi Pedro, your nick noiseformind, is how i am feeling right now. glad u like the blog and that it led u to urwerk. they make really nice pieces for sure.

Ok lets see... a case for the survivor... hmmm... interesting points on it for sure.

i am a bit more selfish when i buy something and only look for it to impress me/make me happy and dun care so much about what others think of it... but i totally get your point and sometimes u want to wear a piece people notice :) the survivor will get notice from me for sure, but it will follow with a 'coulda bought something so much nicer for the price' head shake ;) i'm sorry but dats the truth.

on your point "...this watch triggers human emotions around you. And isn't that the point?"... well i kinda think what emotions it evokes matter. desire, discovery of beauty, respect? some other timepieces do get those from me...

i like your description of it though, its fun :) thanks for sharing your thoughts on it and my sincere congrats on owning something u like n enjoy in the survivor and yr incoming urwerk. dats all that matters mate... no right no wrong, just differences in taste :) all the best to u.

cheers, raph

noiseformind said...

Ofcourse, that is my view and in my view (I have a dream...) I kinda use the watch as a hack tool to pass on an image of myself in social gatherings. In an ideal (and certainly much more geeky) world I would be around all the time with my JLC MC Xtreme LAB. But that is the problem. They threw in so much design into it that people can't appreciate all the new leading tech that's on that timepiece. I end up wearing it when I am all by myself having a late afternoon mojito by the sea. But socially I really go for outlandish over-the-top timepieces with a dark mystery on them. Like my everyday piece, a Romain Jerome, Titanic-DNa chrono with rusted steel and pink gold. Although is a common 2012un edition it really puts people thinking if I just forgot to clean it... :)

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