Saturday, 22 May 2010

Money Never Sleeps ;) The Return of Gecko The Great

trailer for the movie... for the young pups readin this, its a killer mix of the stones 'sympathy for the devil' playing in the background... check out his 'dai kor dai' ~ ancient mobile phone in it... the 80s man :)

It doesn't matter if its good or not really... i'll end up watching it once and then end up re-watching it when it comes out on dvd ;) the rest of the cast isn't so inspiring but its michael douglas in one of his most kick ass roles ever... they've kept us waiting long enuff :)

Natalie: What makes you think it's his birthday?
Bud: Well, it's in the bible, see?

marketing blurb: Michael Douglas is back in his role as one of the screen’s most notorious villains, Gordon Gekko. Emerging from a lengthy prison stint, Gekko finds himself on the outside of a world he once dominated. Looking to repair his damaged relationship with his daughter Winnie (Carey Mulligan), Gekko forms an alliance with her fiancĂ© Jacob (Shia LaBeouf). But can Jacob and Winnie really trust the ex-financial titan, whose relentless efforts to redefine himself in a different era have unexpected consequences.

Greed for lack of a better word... is good...

cast of the movie wif mr. stone... oh and the reason i have the image is coz vacheron constantin has a 1921 american in the show :) product placement is happening as always and richemont is not passin it up of course. JLCs in Iron Man 2, VCs in Wall Street 2 etc etc etc...

a longer post on product placement to come in future of course. cheers, raph


raphmeister said...

Comment from Gabriel on 24 May:

"...Greed, for lack of a better word, is good...greed for life, for money, for love, [for watches]..." ;-))))) Don't think I like the Shia dude much, mate :-P But we'll see - hope it's not crappy!

raphmeister said...

hey mate, sorry i posted your comment like this as i had accidentally deleted the original DOh! my bad :)

love for watches indeed... lets see... hmm

Greed, for all the different watch forms; greed for perpetuals, for tourbillons, for excellence in movement finishing, chiming watches has marked the upward surge of man's watch collections ;)

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