Friday, 23 July 2010

time to pam it up.. the PAM360... one can dream of getting one ;)

i like panerai of course otherwise i wouldn't buy em and they've come out wif a bloody good new model for the 10th anniversary of ... the pam 360, limited to 300pieces and an instant grail for hardcore paneristis :) its got the looks...

lets see, vintage-y luminova, DLC case and modeled after the original 5218-201A... kick ASS!!!

one thing though is its probably allocated based on how involved you are perceived in the community by the mods (i think thats how they're doin it) which means chances of me gettin one is nigh impossible.
the price is reasonable too at US$6.7k / HKD52.5k / 630k JPY / 5.5k Euro. top job by the mods and panerai for rewarding a vocal & knowledgeable fan base

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