Sunday, 28 September 2008

Something cool this way comes... Grand Prix d'Haute Horlogerie de Geneve in SIN

i wrote about it in an earlier post but its definitely time for an update :) the Singapore F1 GP is coming to fever pitch but there is another grand prix of note happening in Singapore in the coming week... its the Grand Prix d'Horlogerie de Geneve - Asia Edition

i take back what critique i had on this piece... it RAWKS!!! ;)

Its the first time, this is coming to Asia and Singapore has been chosen to be the place for it. its gonna be a prestigious nite, honoring some of the finest watches and watchmakers for the year and it also gives the raphmeister an opportunity to get up close and personal to some of these beauties... seeing watches in the metal is so different from those horrible press pics or cgi rendered stuff from the brands...

i feel that its a great event to attend for the watch lover and enthusiast who wants to learn and experience more on their journey. it celebrates the innovation, creativity and artistry in time pieces and the people responsible for realising them and thats enough for me :)

the gala dinner slated for 30th Sep will be the highlight and tix may still be for sale... drop an email to general @ singapore tatler. com (no spaces) to find out if they are... Kudos to all the organisers and backers of this event, from the Edipresse Group to Daum Boutique to the Singapore government...

A sample of some of the nominated watches on display
at the Daum boutique in Paragon, Orchard Rd


greubel forsey


cabestan rj

hublot bat bang

vacheron constantin


harry winston

70 watches in the pre-selected list of which 60+ are on display at daum... the full list of watches can be found here -> click here

within the categories... these were my original picks seeing only the brand provided pics of them

ladies watch - harry winston
mens watch - vc quai de i'ile
design watch - cabestan
jewellery watch - cartier
complicated - greubel forsey or jlc gyro II
sports watch - seems quite a weak list... out of the lot i'd probably go with the jlc diver
full calendar watch - Jules Audemars Equation du temps squelette

after seeing most of them in the metal... changes in red...

ladies watch - van cleef and arpels
mens watch - vc quai de i'ile
design watch - cabestan ... close 2nd being the AP carbon concept
jewellery watch - cartier panda
complicated - jlc gyro II
sports watch - jlc diver
full calendar watch - Jules Audemars Equation du temps squelette or the Harry Winston

a shot of the gyro II on my wrist smile it wins out over the greubel forsey for me...

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